book-meTen years ago, my first wife Lyn was diagnosed with a rare congenital form of bone cancer. We were told it was invariably fatal, and to prolong her life she consented to a high risk surgical procedure to remove the cancerous vertebra from her neck. The surgeries went horribly wrong, resulting in surgical strokes which left her paralyzed and in permanent pain. We converted our home into an ICU, and I became her round the clock caregiver for the next three years until she passed away in 2008.

Since then I have dedicated my life to helping others avoid the mistakes we made. I help my advocees find second opinions, give truly Informed consent, protect their autonomy while hospitalized, mediate conflicts with providers, assist with discharge planning and support end of life decisions. I do all of this with only one goal – To improve the hospitalization outcomes of my advocees by being their personal Fierce Advocate.

I also draw on my own personal experience and spiritual beliefs as a Christian to author this blog about ethics in health care.

For the last year I have also been researching and writing about the partisan political battle going on in this country regarding the expansion of Medicaid programs under the Affordable Care Act. This fall I will be publishing my first book, titled Lives Lost: The Truth about Medicaid Non-expansion.

You can learn more about this at www.lives-lost.com.

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  1. Your goals and your story mimics mine. Donna was Dx with stage IV cancer in 2009. She passed away in 2011. I have written about death and grief since her passing. Today I am finishing up a post on the “winding road of grief” that you speak of in your post Poi torno all’ eternal fontana. You helped me greatly to see more and learn more. Thank you.

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